Bout Sheet for CHB vs. Aquinas Boxing Show on Saturday

The matches are still subject to change, but as of now here is the bout sheet for this Saturday’s CHB vs. Aquinas boxing show.  10:00am at the Cincinnati Athletic Club downtown.  $10 adults and $5 students at the door to watch 18 boxing matches.

Bout Red Corner Name School Grade Weight   Blue Corner Name School Weight
1 Grayson Hines Moeller Fr 135 vs. Zion Lattimore Withrow 113
2 Reagan Hassler Badin So 129 vs. Sara Bruno Aquinas 125
3 Sam Rogers Walnut Hills 8th 137 vs. Frankie Tavino Aquinas 131
4 Hailey Snow Colerain Jr 139 vs. Emily Cook Mercy 136
5 Dougie Wunder Oak Hills Fr 110 vs. Alex Bohme Aquinas 103
6 Matthew Pahl Walnut Hills 8th 143 vs. Eian Hailey Aquinas 145
7 Brandon Adams St. Xavier So 128 vs. Spencer Ramos Aquinas 133
8 Kylie Johnson Oak Hills So 159 vs. Megan Mantione Aquinas 162
9 Chris Squeri Elder Sr 168 vs. James Jones Aquinas 163
10 Jake Harrington Madeira Jr 167 vs. Gavin Homer Aquinas 171
11 Michael Kasper Turpin So 142 vs. Andrew Swetz Aquinas 142
12 Frank Brown Walnut Hills Jr 160 vs. Mike Robertson Aquinas 148
13 Nicole Reinig UC 1st 162 vs. Alexandria Brook Mercy 152
14 Jake Gerber UC 1st 146 vs. Tim McMahon Aquinas 142
15 Kevin Blount Walnut Hills Sr 202 vs. Hugh Chambers Aquinas 215
16 Jacob Price UC 1st 200 vs. Chris Marks Aquinas 197
17 John French Walnut Hills Jr 177 vs. Henry Kaester Aquinas Graduate 168
18 Yosh Yisrael UC 3rd 190 vs. Will Leonardo Aquinas Graduate 190

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